Best Agent Ever Worked With

Kathy Coots is the best & most knowledgeable agent I have ever worked with, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a house. I interviewed several agents when looking to sell my house, and she stood out for several reasons:
1) Her experience and knowledge, especially since she worked in the mortgage industry previously. She understood that my house was more than just a square footage number, where as other agents I talked to were focused only on the sq footage as a determinant of price. We ended up getting in the range she said we would; if I listened to the other agents, the price would have been less. She really looks at a house and understands the unique characteristics of a property and how it will stand it the market.
2) She is a full time agent with a very impressive team that backs her up; I have dealt with agents that are part timers and real estate is not their priority and it shows. She returns calls/emails promptly and I especially liked the fact that I got buyer feedback, which is so important.
3) Her slogan about having your best interest at heart is true; she is on your side and when it gets down to the details of offers & negotiating, she is the one you want to represent you. I have had past agents that I feel did not go to bat for me and when you are talking about an important decision as buying/selling a home, it is essential to have someone like Kathy on your side.

— Karen Sklenicka